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Al-Shams steels LLP

Luxury with functionality meets with Al-Shams steels LLP

Al Shams Steel Works is one of the leading manufacturers of wide range of premium quality furniture in Stainless Steel, Steel Furniture and Metal.

Strategically located in the Western part of Maharashtra (India), Al Shams provide complete customized furniture for offices, hotels, home, canteens, educational institutions, library and hospitals which includes Chairs, Sofas, School Benches, Tables, Sliding Door Cupboards, Office Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Wrought Iron Furniture, Safes, Cabinets and Shelves. The ergonomic created furniture meets the most demanding requirements thus combining luxury with functionality.

Al Shams Steel Works today has established for itself an enviable reputation in the furniture industry for delivering high standards in the quality and introducing a whole new and latest range of classic and modern designer furniture with the exclusive combination of stainless steel, wrought iron and wood.

Our company implements a rigorous inspection and testing process to make sure our customers receive a product that matches the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Al-Shams team has the passion, desire and ambition to make sure it delivers one of the best customer service experiences in today’s market – that’s our promise to you. So if you’re looking for high quality, cost-effective furniture solutions remember Al-Shams provides a real alternative in the Indian marketplace.

Our Expertise

  • IDEA
    When design is purposeful, the result is inspiring. Our main objective is that our furniture products should address and solve workplace problems.

    Our furniture is made to improve productivity, make offices or home more efficient, increase comfort, and make everyday tasks that much easier.

    From concept to production, we work with commercial designers and dealers to build furniture from scratch with the finest quality materials.

    We craft our furniture from latest inspirational collection in all shapes, sizes and finishes perfect for your home or office.